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The oxygen fit team was created with the emphasis on users who are looking for scientific and detailed processes to create their diet. Our philosophy is to look for smart solutions to control your body and diet and we are always striving to solve your problems concerning this

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Competitive Advantages

Smart Calorie Counter

- Calculate your daily calorie requirement based on your body type and unique specifications.
- Calculate calories based on nutritional goal.
- Calculate zigzag calories to prevent weight step.
- Calculate daily calories by macronutrients.
- Ability to edit food in the application and replace it with your favorite food.

Body type explanation

Oxygen fit uses the most precise processes to design your diet and calorie counting. For example, your daily calorie is decided based on your body type; meaning there is a difference in ??? for ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs

Water Tracking

Oxygen fit's smart calorie counter, calculates how much water you are supposed to drink based on your sex, height and weight. On top of that, the water in your food is also calculated and reduced from your total water intake

Meal maker

One of the the main difficulties people who are looking for a diet will face is counting the calories for foods which contain different ingredients than the traditional dish. Oxygen fit's smart calorie counter gives you the option to add any ingredient you want to your meal with how it was cooked for your convenience. The total calorie will be calculated and presented to you


We have added new features to your calorie counter and pedometer to provide the most effective and personalized weight loss and fitness program as well as your fitness. In the following, we have briefly stated each feature





Water tracking

Add food including barcodes

Add & editing exercises

Smart calorie counter based on body type

Show micronutrients

micronutrients goal

Body info

Personal food maker ( my cooking )

Bodybulding and cardio calories

No showing Ads

Sleep control

Show macronutrient

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